County Cannabis

The state intends to use the same system for both. It is likely the numbering system will be used to designate medical vs. adult use.

The bureau has begun an Initial Study pursuant to CEQ; however, nothing is currently available for distribution. CDFA is conducting a CEQA study as well and more information regarding their study is available on their website.

Currently Bureau staff regularly look up local requirements for research purposes. As regulations are developed, the bureau is considering this issue and options for efficiently obtaining the local ordinances. Of course, we welcome any ideas you have on this process.

MCRSA and AUMA both have provisions for priority review of applications (medical: BPC 19321, adult use: BPC 26054.2). MCRSA requires that priority be given to applicants that were in good standing with the local jurisdiction and in operation by January 1, 2016. AUMA requires priority be given to applicants that were in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act and its implementing laws before September 1, 2016. Other than those laws, applications will processed as they are received.

Both MCRSA and AUMA expressly prohibit a cannabis licensee from also being a licensed retailer of alcoholic beverages. As to other types of industries, at this time the Bureau is focused on developing the necessary regulations to implement MCRSA and AUMA prior to January 1, 2018 and is not considering additional license types.