There are over 500+ cities/counties in California that currently have medical cannabis regulations. Several are now voting on recreational cannabis regulations as well. This is something that is actively being tracked by several cannabis companies.

With each local municipality having different requirements, each municipality will then have the fee structure independent of others. You can find more information on their city council websites. 

Each local city has set a specific number of licenses for each vertical integration. Pulling up the city website and looking into the medical cannabis application limit, will allow you to see what the cap is for each license type.

This is still being sorted out as to vertical integration with current laws. Right now, the licenses that cannot be combined are testing, distribution, and transporter.

Currently, you cannot apply for a license nor are you allowed to be a shareholder in a license. This could change as the new regulations come down – to either lessen to offense or it would be on a per applicant basis.

Coming into the cannabis space at this stage of the game can be challenging. You will be going up against established businesses that may already be licensed. It can be done, but the biggest risk to you is finding a city/county that hasn’t already met its maximum capacity for local licenses. I would first suggest researching cities/counties that have open application enrollment and see what it would take to run a business in that specific municipality.