Cannabis Event Licensing

Cannabis Event Licensing

Now who doesn’t want to have 500 of their friends over to party and ingest completely legal cannabis?  If you are one of these people, then the State of California has designed a special license just for you.

Many of us may have attended the “non-cannabis” Cannabis Cup this year in San Bernardino and its critical for the industry that such a problematic circumstance not be repeated.

So here are the basic rules of the road for those interested in organizing a legal consumption event:

  1. Must submit application at least 60 days prior to the event to the Bureau of Cannabis Control;
  2. Approval must be secured from both state regulators as well as local regulators;
  3. Can only be held at a county fair or district agricultural association location;
  4. The event license does not provide the right to sell cannabis, but instead provides the right to charge licensed providers with the ability to sell cannabis at the event;
  5. The state will then verify that all those looking to sell at the event are properly licensed.

This type of event can take a lot of different forms, from trade shows similar to Cannabis Cup to perhaps smaller business events for specific customers, to everything in between.   We have also found that the state does consider some flexibility on limiting the consumption licenses to county fair or agricultural association locations. We have also found that the development of a business plan with multiple dates is also something regulators will consider.

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